Houzz is an Inspiring Tool for Home Improvement

houzz-logoAccording to a recent Houzz & Home Study, more than 40 percent of homeowners are planning to update their homes at some point over the next two years. There are also indications that more people are going to find inspiration and technical advice online for their DIY remodeling projects.

It wasn’t so long ago that home remodelers would go through magazines and other design-related publications and “dog ear” or tear out pages that fit their vision. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with that, the Internet is providing a much more efficient way to reach home remodeling goals.

There are plenty of options online to help with home remodeling, but Houzz.com has become one of the more popular web destinations for design inspiration. Last year, they announced that they have more than two million user-submitted home design and remodeling images on their platform. A look at their website today reveals that number has since doubled!

With such massive volume for inspiration, it could be a little intimidating to navigate. Fortunately, the content is easy to organize.

One way is using the idea book feature. Each book you create is given a unique name. For instance, maybe you name one “Patio Redesign.” However, you may want to break it down into multiple idea books for your patio project. For example:

  • Deck surface materials
  • Deck railing
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Outdoor lighting

Within each idea book, you can collect photo inspiration for your project. Upload your own pictures or browse and save existing ones. You can even attach notes to each picture to be sure details about your inspiration are retained.

Suddenly, you have a comprehensive visualization of your dream patio.

There’s also probably a pretty good chance that you aren’t doing your remodeling project alone. If so, Houzz allows for easy collaboration by emailing your ideas to family members, architects, contractors, or other homeowners. It’s also a great discovery tool if you’re in the market for a home remodeling professional.

It’s not just general visual inspiration that can be had at photo-driven websites like Houzz. Actual building materials are featured on these sites as well. The simplest way to discover these products is to click the “Product” tab at the top of the Houzz site. Up come products, many times with actual prices and the ability to buy them.

In many cases, you are just seeing a beautiful picture related to your search term. But if it’s a product (or project) posted by a professional home remodeling company or contractor, you can hover over the image and click the “Ask a Question” button for help.

Houzz is clearly a valuable planning and organizational tool for your home improvement project. Not only are you getting visual inspiration, but something that can be integrated into your project decision making as well.

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