How to Remove Your Wood Deck

Decks can be removed for a multitude of reasons, from excessive damage to a desired remodel for a recently acquired home. But safety should always be a top priority regardless of the reasons for removal. Here’s how you can remove your deck with ease and stability.

Consult Deck Experts (Not Demolishers)

A demolition specialist is good at their job, but there is a common misconception that all decks just need to be hacked into pieces and hauled away. It’s best to start with a mindset of removal, not outright demolition. Not all decks are assembled in a way that requires outright destruction.

Make no mistake: Some decks cannot be removed in sections due to their design and must be completely demolished. However, a deck expert will still be helpful in strategizing the demolition for efficacy. If at all possible, try to hire back the same contractors who built the deck. They will have the most insight on the most fragile and the most supported sections of the deck.

Remove the Deck Mindfully (And Be Ready To Change Strategy)

Not every deck is assembled the same way, so it’s important to make sure that all deck removal or destruction is done with care. Do not destroy any section of the deck that potentially lends support without consulting a contractor or hired expert. If demolition is part of the removal plan, take it apart in pieces.

It’s important to note that not all parts of a deck need be disposed of. Many parts can be recycled or restored in future projects. Contact your local chapter of Habitat for Humanity to see if any of your deck’s parts can be reused. Vintage homeware outlets are also valid options, depending on the age and quality of the materials.

Go Slow When Installing A New Deck

Removing an old deck doesn’t mean that the place it used to be will be completely sterile and ready for new building. Inspect the location of the previous deck for debris, including old nails and screws, loose wood pieces, and any remaining deck sections that may have been bolted on. It’s important to make sure that all past debris and materials from a previous deck have been fully removed before beginning a new project.

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